Angela Merkel: 15 Facts About the German Chancellor

angela merkel facts german chancellor

Angela Merkel Facts

Angela Merkel is the current German chancellor and considered as the most powerful woman in the world. A lot of people know much about her political career, but less about her in person. 15 personal Angela Merkel facts:

Who is the German chancellor? Who is Angela Merkel? 

  • Since 2005, the German celebrity hairdresser Udo Walz is alleged responsible for Angela Merkels haircut.
  • Her maiden name is Kasner. Ulrich Merkel was Angela Merkels first husband.
  • Angela Merkel was twice married and has no children, but she is the stepmother of her husband Jachim Sauers two sons Adrian and Daniel. Joachim Sauer is a professor of chemistry at Humboldt University of Berlin. His son Adrian Sauer is a well-known photo artist in Leipzig.
  • Sources say that Merkel likes to cook for her husband, the children and grandchildren on weekends and gladly prepares breakfast for her husband.
  • Angela Merkel is fluent in Russian. During her time in school when she was young, Angela Merkel won a lot of Russian language competitions.
  • Initially, Merkel wanted to become a teacher for Russian language and physics. In the end, she became a physicist and holds a PhD from University of Leipzig. In her dissertation, Merkel investigated the influence of the spatial correlation in bimolecular elementary reactions in dense media and received the mark magna cum laude.
  • Angela Merkels father Horst Kastner was a protestant theologian. Her grandfather Ludwig Kazmierczak was born in Poznan, Poland. Angela Merkels mother Herlind Jentzsch was a teacher of Latin and English.
  • One of many Angela Merkel facts says that she is not scared of dogs, but has “some concerns” about them since a dog once bite her.
  • The German chancellor likes to eat Döner. Still, there are only very few pictures on which Merkel is eating the Turkish speciality in Germany. The reason: Angela Merkel is taking great care on making a good figure on images. While eating, one’s mouth is usually full and a person doesn’t makes a good figure.
  • Accordng to an interview with the magazine Bunte, Angela Merkel was smoking one package of cigarettes per day until she quit in 1993.
  • Angela Merkel once admit that she usually only sleeps four to five hours per day.
  • Her favourite movie is Out of Africa with Robert Redford.
  • Angela Merkel and her husband Joachim Sauer like to spend their summer holidays hiking in Italy or Spain.
  • According to an interview with the German newspaper BILD, Angela Merkel likes men with “beautiful eyes”.
  • She explains her famous hand position “rhombus” as follows: Angela Merkel didn’t know, what she should do with her hands. Furthermore, it shows her love for symmetry.
Featured image (cropped): Angela Merkel Wikimedia – CC BY-SA 3.0

February 24, 2017
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