Angelique Kerber: 15 Interesting Facts About the German Tennis Star

angelique kerber facts

Angelique Kerber Facts

Angelique Kerber is currently not only the most successful tennis player from Germany, but also worldwide no. 2 in women’s single tennis.

  • Angelique Kerber was born on January 18, 1988 in Bremen, Germany. Her parents Slamowir and Beata are from Poland and Kerber holds a dual citizenship. The tennis star speaks Polish with a German accent. Kerbers grand-parents are still living in Poznan, Poland. If someone asks Kerber about her nationality, she always likes to answer in a diplomatic way: “I was born in Germany, went to school in Germany and have friends there. Basically, I spent my whole life in Germany”. Still, according to Angelique Kerber, identity is not important to her.
  • When she was a child, Steffi Graf was her idol.
  • Started playing tennis at the age of three in a tennis hall in Kiel.
  • She likes to train in Puszczykowo, Poland, where her grandparents are running a tennis academy named after Angelique Kerber.
  • Her father Slamowir Kerber is a former tennis player and was the first trainer of his daugther between the ages three and 17. Kerbers parents are living seperately.
  • Kerbers PR manager is Lars-Wilhelm Baumgarten, who is also responsible for the public image of many soccer players.
  • Angelique Kerbers is one of only a few professional tennis players, who collects the balls on the tennis ground during training on her own.
  • Her mother Beata is her manager.
  • Torben Beltz is her tennis trainer. The two met in 2003 in the US, where the former tennis player noticed Kerbers talent. During breaks, they like to play Backgammon together.
  • Told German newspaper Bild, that she had her first boyfriend at the age of 14. Currently, she is single.
  • Angelique Kerbers nails are always manicured in loud colors. The reason: her sister Jessica is running a cosmetic studio called Schönsinn ( = beauty purpose) in Kiel, which Kerber likes to pay a visit.
  • Her favourite dish: pierogi, traditional Polish dumplings. One of Kerbers favourite chefs is her grandmother.
  • At Kerbers first Glam-Slam tournament in 2007, she already dropped out in the first round.
  • Kerber is right handed, but uses her left hand on the ground. Next to Martina Navrativola, Monica Seles and Eveln Sears, she was one of only four female left-handed players, who won the US open.
  • After winning the US Open in September 2016, a lot of newspapers asked about the secret of her success. According to Kerber passion, hard work, a strong team, believing in one’s own dreams and loving, what you do.
Featured image (cropped): Angelique KerberTatiana flickr – CC BY-SA 2.0
March 4, 2017
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