Asian Youtubers Who are Running a Successful German YouTube Channel

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Asian YouTubers Running YouTube Channels in Germany

Germany is a multicultural society with people from different backgrounds. The following German youtubers are actually of Asian or half Asian descent and are running very successful channels within their own niche for the German speaking community. 

PocketHazel (Comedy)

Descent: Vietnamese.

YouTube channel: PocketHazel.

Hazel aka PocketHazel is a successful German Youtuber with Asian Roots, who is mainly producing comedy videos. One of her most successful video was a reaction to one of Julien Bams clips in which he revealed his income. PocketHazel commented as a tax advisers and consulted Julien Bam to rethink hiring a new consultant. Her boyfriend is also running a YouTube channel called Dirk Maiina. PocketHazels very funny and unique style of making videos made her become a very successful youtuber within just one year. 

MaiLab (Science)

Descent: Vietnamese.

YouTube channel: maiLab.

Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim aka maiLab is a chemist (she owns a PhD in Chemistry), science journalist, tv presenter and video producer on YouTube. She started her own YouTube channel The Secret Lifes of Scientists in 2015. On this channel, she wanted to educate young people about science and get rid of stereotypes about “nerdy” scientists. Since 2016, she is running a YouTube channel called maiLab (before schönschlau) in cooperation with the German public television channels ARD and ZDF. Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim is also a tv presenter for scientific formats. In 2019, she also published a book called Komisch, alles chemisch!. Due to her big success on YouTube and her public appearances on tv, she is widely known in Germany. 

Funnypilgrim (Beauty, Lifestyle, Food)

Descent: German, Philippino.

YouTube channel: Funnypilgrim.

Mira aka Funnypilgrim is a famous beauty and lifestyle vlogger of German and Philippino descent. She is on this platform since 2009 and since then gained much popularity within the German beauty community of YouTube. Next to her main channel, funnypilgrim is also running a food channel called Yummipilgrim on which she is primarily posting vegan recipes. Funnypilgrim is famous for being a beauty/lifestyle vlogger who always remains true to herself. In 2017, she released a cookbook called Yummykitchen. 

Julien Bam (Comedy, Dance)

Descent: German, Singaporean Chinese.

YouTube channel: Julien Bam.

Julien Bam is a professional breakdancer, who is publishing videos about music, dance and lifestyle. His YouTube channel is one of the most successful ones in Germany. He is also running his own danceschool called BamSchool. 

Adorable Caro (Beauty, Lifestyle)

Descent: German, Malaysian.

YouTube channel: Adorable Caro.

Adorable Caro is a beauty/ lifestyle vlogger with German and Malaysian roots. In her community, she is famous for her sexy styling, openness about her private life and her naive yet kind personality. 

Wailam (Comedy)

Descent: Chinese.

 YouTube channel: Wailam.

Being of Chinese descent, Wailam is uploading comedy, motivational and lifestyle videos. Many of his rescent videos are comic-striped. A lot of girls appreciate his cute look and compare him with K-pop stars. PocketHazel also appeared in some of his videos. 

Shanti Tan (Lifestyle)

Descent: German, Singaporean Chinese.

YouTube channel: Shanti Tan.

Shanti Tan is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger of German and Singaporean Chinese descent. In her many travel vlogs from all around the world, she is also meeting her father on occasion, who is living in Singapore. Shanti Tan is also running an only-vlog channel called ShantiFun on which she is regularly posting follow me arounds. Many people in her community compare her with Disneys Pocahontas, as Shantis trademarks are long, straight and dark hair as well as a glowly tan and her happy appearance. 

Mamiseelen (Lifestyle, Family)

Descent: Chinese.

YouTube channel: Mamiseelen.

Nancy aka Mamiseelen is a very successful family and lifestyle vlogger of Chinese descent. Together with her husband Justus and her three children, Mamiseelen is posting regular vlogs about their daily life packed with many useful tips for raising kids and always finding new, interesting activities for them. She and her husband Justus are well educated people and know, how to cleverly show daily life but still keep their privacy. They are also running an online shop called Mamiseelen Shop with clothes, accessories and much more. Their eldest son Johan is also having his own YouTube kids channel called Johann Loop

Featured image (cropped): Julien Bam, Person of the Year MaleWebvideopreis Deutschland – CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

January 23, 2019
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