Top Berlin Start Ups founded by Women

berlin start ups founded by women

Berlin Start Ups

Berlin is not only famous for shopping, party, sightseeing and art, but since several years also for the flourishing startup scene. Every 20 hours, someone in Germanys capital puts an idea into practice. The famous consultancy company McKinsey is predicting that by 2020, more than 100,000 new startup jobs could be created by Berlin start ups. In 2015, 2,1 billion Euro got invested in newly established companies in Europes Silicon Allee. According to, Berlin is the second biggest start-up hub in Europe right after London.

According to, 41 % of all new businesses are founded by women – an ascending trend. Still then there are only very few successful start-ups in Berlin with women as CEOs.

Top Berlin start ups Founded by Women


Founder: Lea-Sophie Cramer (and Sebastian Pollock)

Since: 2012

Career: Click

What do they sell/offer: sex toys, lingerie

Background: The novel Shades of Grey inspired Lea-Sophie Cramer for Amorelie. The then 25 year old was travelling from Munich to Berlin and noticed, that a lot of women were reading E. L. James novel. She was wondering, how openly people are concerning sensuality and sexuality. That was the starting point for the idea of Amorelie. The shop especially adresses women and couples. 

About Lea-Sophie Cramer: 

  • studied Business Administration in Mannheim.
  • spend one semester abroad in Japan.
  • was head of Groupon Asia – at age 22.
  • has two children.


Founder: Anna Alex and Julia Boesch

Since: 2012

Career: Click

What do they sell/offer: personally put together outfits for men (curated shopping for men)

Background: One of the founders friends was living in New York and hired a personal shopper. He very happily came back from his shopping trip, because his assistant compiled every outfit for him. The main point was the personal shopper’s opinion, which was – in contrast to that of many sellers – very honest. Thats also the principale of Outfittery.


Founder: Kathrin Weiss and Anike von Gagern

Since: 2010

Career: Click

What do they sell/offer: children clothes, toys, furniture, childrens books

Background:  Two main points convinced the founders to establish tausendkind: the success of Zalando and the Excell lists with “best baby online shop’s for beautiful baby products” friends of them liked to exchange. There was no main shop for good and beautiful baby and childrens products in 2010.


Founder: Lea Lange (Marc Pohl and Sebastian Hasebrink)

Since: 2014

Career: Click

What do they sell/offer: independent art from young and inspirational artist all over the world on posters, iphone covers, fashion and more

Background: All three founders were working at Fab. Thats where they noticed, that the demand of unique and interesting products from independent designers is given. People want individual products that reflect their personality.

Kitchen Stories

Founder: Verena Hubertz and Mengting Gao.

Since: 2014.

Career: Click.

What do they sell/offer: cooking app with “emotional” recipe videos.

Background: Both founders liked to cook together during their studies, but were always disappointed by the worse user-friendliness and range of recipes. They wanted to take the feeling of food-blogs and convert them into more contemporarily content. That was the starting point of their idea kitchenstories.

About Verena Hubertz and Menting Gao:

  • both studied together at WHU (Otto Beisheim School of Management).


Founder: Corinna Powalla (and Andreas Fischer)

Since: 2011

Career: Click

What do they sell/offer: personally put together outfits for men (curated shopping)

Background: Corinna Powalla started preselecting clothes for her boyfriend. He liked his girlfriends compilations so much, that Corinna Powalla developed the idea for Modomoto. The founders like to keep the origin of the brand name a secret.

About Corinna Powalla:

  • grew up in Baden-Wuerttemberg.
  • studied Business Administration at TU Freiberg and TU Berlin.
  • was an intern at StudiVZ and Artflakes.


Founder: Ida Tin (and Hans Raffauf)

Since: 2013

Career: Click

What do they sell/offer: period cycle calendar app

Background:  Ida Tin started taking the pill in her twenties, but suffered from a bunch of side effects. She started researching for other contraceptive methods and was surprised that there weren’t any major developments in this field. Despite the significant technical progress in the last couple of years didn’t anyone adress the issue of how simple it can be to control fertility data-based. That was the starting point for clue

About Ida Tin:

  • from Denmark.
  • studied at Kaos Pilots, a creative business school in Denmark.
  • founded her first company at age 18 and her second one during her studies. Her third start-up was a motorcycle trip provider, founded after her world trip on a morotcycle.
  • author of the Danish bestseller Direktos.
  • has two children.
Featured image: Evening by the River Spree in BerlinSusanne Nilsson flickr – CC BY-SA 2.0
February 9, 2017
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