Bill Kaulitz: Ten Facts About the Music and Style Icon

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Bill Kaulitz Facts

Bill Kaulitz is a singer, model, designer, fashion icon and one of a kind. Find out more about the idol from Germany through the following facts:

  • Bill Kaulitz was born on September 1, 1989, in Leipzig, Germany. His identical twin brother is Tom Kaulitz. Their parents got divorced when the two were seven years old. Their stepfather was a guitarist from the rock band Fatun and helped the two in their music career. In 2005, the twins, together with Gustav and Schäfer and Georg Listing, became extremely popular amongst teenagers with their band Tokio Hotel.
  • Bill and his brother had to leave school due to their huge success and couldn’t finish their studies in 2006. Both, later on, started distance learning courses and were awarded the German youth prize for distance learning (Jugendpreis Fernlernen).
  • In 2003, Bill Kaulitz took part at Star Search Germany. The purpose was to gain attention for Tokio Hotel. Music producer Peter Hoffmann finally helped the group becoming a huge hit.
  • Bill Kaulitz and his brother Tom moved to Los Angeles in 2010. After their huge success in Germany, Bill and his brother couldn’t live a normal life in Germany anymore as mentioned in their documentary Hinter die Welt (2017).
  • Bill Kaulitz never denied or admitted the ongoing rumors of him being homo-, hetero- or bisexual. According to the documentary Hinter die Welt (2017), he doesn’t want to be subject to sexual restrictions.
  • Bill Kaulitz has an estimated net worth of around 30 million USD.
  • He is a big fan of dogs. He has a french bulldog called Stitch which was gifted to him by his brother Tom. Bill also did a campaign for the animal’s rights organization PETA in which he posed – together with Tom – against animals in circuses “Wild animals outside the circus!”.
  • Bill Kaulitz is not only famous for his music but also as a fashion icon. With a height of 6’4″, he was working as a catwalk model for DSquared2 at the Milan Fashion Week 2010 and also modeled for Karl Lagerfeld in course of a Vogue photo shooting. In 2019, Bill Kaulitz launched his own fashion label called Magdeburg – Los Angeles (Magdeburg is a city in East Germany where Bill and Tom were raised).
  • Together with his brother Tom, Bill was a judge at Deutschland sucht den Superstar (= German Idol) in 2012/2013.
  • Even when Bill was still in his teenage years, he was always very good at giving interviews on tv. With his sharp answers and his good talking style, he kept on being successful until now.

Featured image: Tokio Hotel bei der Preisverleihung desComet am 21. Mai 2010 in Oberhausen – Promiflash Wikimedia –CC BY-SA 3.0

May 26, 2019
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