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Who is David Garrett?

David Garrett (David Christian Bongartz) is a famous violinist from Germany, where he is also called the Geigenrebell (violin rebel). The extraordinary talent is not only a famous musician, but also a model, actor and very welcomed guest in many German tv shows.

David Garrett: Extraordinary Talent

David Garrett began playing the violin at age 4, after seeing his elder brother practicing the instrument. His father Georg Bongartz, owner of the only auction house for string instruments in Europe, was his first violin teacher. In an interview together with his mother Dove Garrett (a professional American ballett dancer) from October 2015 (Markus Lanz Show), he revealed about this time: “My father saw the extraordinary talent and supported it – sometimes in a wise way and sometimes in a less wise way. But he supported it. […] For sure once in a while he placed the violin bow on my head. […] But in the end, you see, something came out of it.” At the age of 13, he got his first record contract and played solo-concerts in Tokio, Los Angeles, Paris and in Switzerland. The violin is said to be the most difficult instrument to learn. And also David is not lying about his long and stony way up to the top. According to him, his success derives from “[…]a lot of hard work, a lot of discipline, but also stubborness. […] I want to present people a good product” (Bunte.de).

David Garrett: Viva la Vida Crossover

Eminem or Metallica for the violin? David Garrett knows how. He is a real expert when it comes to combining elements from the music genres classic, pop or rock and attracting a huge audience with it. The David Garrett crossover album Encore (2008) got sold more than 500.000 times. His interpretation of the famous song Viva la Vida from the British band Coldplay is one of his most clicked videos on Youtube from the crossover-album Music (2012).

David Garretts crossover not only gets reflected in his music, but also in his style. During his concerts, he likes to dress very casual or in the very typical “David Garrett-style”: a black blazer, a t-shirt with imprint, shoes from (his good friend) Kay Gundlach and a lot of accessories.

David Garrett: (none Violin) Facts You May (really!) Didn’t Know

  • David Garrett is colorblind.
  • He is far-sighted and wears contact lenses.
  • The star violinist gets often complimented by make-up artists for his long eyelashes.
  • He began his early career under the name David David Bongartz.
  • His english teacher helped him in applying for Juilliard School in New York.
  • David Garrett first time kissed a girl at the age of 17.
  • The original brunette is not using any perfume.
  • David likes to celebrate Christmas alone.
  • He was homeschooled since 6th grade.

Dave Garrett: Model and Actor

A man, who can play the violin like Garrett may can have every woman he admires. A man, who looks like David Garrett may can have every woman he desires. The combination of his good look and the extraordinary violin play make David Garrett to one of the most “wanted” musicians in the world. And yes, he also took some “advantage” out of it. The David Garrett model experience chapter is – compared to his apperances with the violin – very small, but worth mentioning. He got the first model job during his first three semesters in Juilliard School in New York, but quickly lost interest for it. David Garretts last big shooting was in 2012 for a winter campaign for the German clothing brand s.Oliver.

Also Garretts first and last appearance as an actor was more coincidenced than planned. In the film Paganini: The Devil’s Violinist (2013), he’s playing the leading role of Niccolò Paganini, a very famous violinist from the 19th century. Davids interpretation of the (then) living legend and his idol got torn apart by the critics. Nethertheless: Besides their incredible violin playing, David Garrett and Papagini both have/had in common, that they have/had a lot of female fans. But unfortunately…

…“A woman is never going to call the tune in my life” (Garrett to Gala.de)

David Garrett: Explosive Tour

In October 2015, David Garrett announced to start his Explosive Tour in end of 2016 in Germany. Explosive is also the name of his crossover album including a cover version of a Miley Cyrus song. A 360 ° stage provided his fans with awesome footage of the violinist. The David Garrett Explosive Tour was the 5th big tour of the fastest violinist of the world (2008 – 2010, Book of Guiness World Records).

David Garrett: Girlfriend Scandal

In 2016, David Garrett’s ex girlfriend Ashley Youdan sued him for forcing her to do several sex practices during their almost two years lasting relationship between 2014 and 2016. The famous violinist went to public after the pornstar (Ashley Youdan is famous under her pseudonym Kendall Karson) blackmailed him by claiming for 12 million USD in court for bruises and blue spots on her body, David Garrett is said to have caused. Even before that, Ashley Youdan requested money in smaller amounts for “keeping calm”. According to Garrett, she already started deceiving him by recording intimate conversations in late 2015, when her first plan – to become his wife – didnt seem to work out.

David Garrett: Rock Revolution

On September 15th 2017, David Garrett released his 17th studio album called Rock Revolution. His new cd Rock Revolution is a mix between a symphonic album and rock with Garretts interpretations of hits from Phil Collins, The Verve and Prince. 

Famous David Garret Music

  • Rock Prelude
  • Smooth Criminal
  • Kashmir
  • Dangerous
Featured image: David Garret – Dove Bongartz Wikimedia – CC BY-SA 3.0

February 9, 2017
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