Doro Pesch: 7 Facts About the Queen of Heavy Metal

doro pesch german heavy metal singer

Doro Pesch is a rock singer and one of the first female heavy metal singers from Germany, Düsseldorf. Also called the Queen of Metal, Doro Pesch became worldwide popular as the lead singer of the band Warlock (1982-1989) and since 1989 also as a solo singer. She is living in Germany and the US. Find out more about the heavy metal legend through the following facts:

  • Doro Pesch was born in 1964 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Her father Walter (owner of a transport company and truck driver) and her mother Barbara were huge Opera fans. According to an interview with Express, Barbara Pesch revealed that Doro always played music with her dad when she was a toddler. Furthermore, Doro’s father used to play the piano. Her parents were first thinking, that the music enthusiastic Doro will become an Opera singer, but later on, she changed her interest to heavy metal.
  • Had her first band at the age of 15. She loves metal heavy because according to her its “real”, “honest” and gives her a feeling of “freedom” (Late-Night-Talk on Sat.1). She was a member of the band’s Snakebite, Beast, and Warlock.
  • Suffered end-stage pulmonary tuberculosis at the age of 15. She spent one year in the hospital. After that, she started her first band.
  • She is a vegan since the mid-2000s. Her jackets she is wearing are fake leather. Doro loves animals – especially horses and dogs and is also an animal rights activist.
  • She is a trained typographer.
  • She loved to party when she was young, but never took drugs or drank alcohol.
  • Believes that she has lived before in 1648 as a man in Dubrovnic. Through this experience in her past life, she noticed how great it is to live a life as a man.

(Some) famous Doro Pesch songs: All We Are (1987), Für Immer (1993), Love me Forever (2000), It Still Hurts (2012), Burn It Up (2000)

Doro Pesch albums (selection): Force Majeure (1989), Doro (1990), True at Heart (1991), Angels Never Die (1993), Calling the Wild (2000), Raise Your Fist (2002), Classic Diamonds (2004), Forever Warriors, Forever United (2018)

Featured image (cropped): Doro Pesch – © SuperbassCC-BY-SA-4.0

August 7, 2020
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