How to Find a Room for Rent in Berlin! by Jasmin S. & Ahsan H.

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Find Your Apartment in Berlin! – Amazon E-Book

English E-Book Available on Amazon HERE

Germany has a boosting economy and one of the best educational systems all over the world! That’s why many people come to this country every year for studies or to pursue a career. One of the major cities, which provides many opportunities for international as well as local people within the country is the capital Berlin. The same happened to me: I came to Berlin in late 2014 for starting my professional career after finishing my master’s degree in social and communicational sciences. Back then I came to a European start-up hub with very naive eyes and – as a new graduate without a permanent employment contract in the beginning – ended up having big struggles finding the perfect accommodation for me. In the first few months, I was living in a shared one-room apartment with two other girls, spent weeks as an intermediate tenant in several students’ dorms as well as apartments, and had a hard time settling down in such a big city.

Your Berlin Accommodation

The good (or bad thing :)): I wasn’t alone. Many people, especially the ones who are not yet familiar with the German system and the language, are having big struggles in finding their perfect accommodation in Berlin. In late 2017, I sat down with a friend from Pakistan who went through the same back in 2013 and started brainstorming about the idea of writing an e-book on how to find a room for rent in Berlin. Only a couple of months later, on April 1, 2018, our first e-book with a great deal of information on finding the perfect accommodation in Berlin got published on Amazon!

You are looking for a room to rent in Germany’s capital Berlin? You are looking for furnished apartments in Berlin? You are looking for a room in a shared flat? Do you want to find out more about Berlin’s districts? Then check out the e-book How to find a Room for Rent in Berlin: The Ultimate Guide to Find an Apartment in Berlin.

How to Rent a Flat in Berlin

The 45 pages e-book How to Find a Room for Rent in Berlin! provides you with a lot of information about average rents in Berlin, how to start looking for a room to rent, different living forms in the German capital, historical information about the Berlin districts, insider tips, and much more.

For students, for professionals, for everyone! The e-book is available in English! Please Like, Share, and Review if you like the Book!

English E-Book Available on Amazon HERE

April 3, 2018
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