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Enissa Amani is currently one of the most famous female German comedians. By the end of 2018, she is going to release her first book called Nicht ohne meine High Heels: Eine deutsch-persische Familiengeschichte ( = Not without my high heels: a german-persian family story). Find out more about the self-called squeeze who is cracking the most controverse and funniest jokes about racism and cultural differences in Germany.

  • German-Iranian comedian Enissa Amani was born in 1985 in Teheran, Iran. Her parents flew to Germany in 1987 as politically persecuted persons. According to an interview with GERMANIA, Amani’s parents had been active in the underground. Her second name Sahar was her mothers pseudonym during the days when her parents met as political revolutionaries.
  • According to Amani, her father was in Iranian prison for four years for reading forbidden books such as from Bertold Brecht. When her parents came to Germany, they were almost about to get their degrees but couldn’t get recognition of their studies in Germany. Her mother finally started studying medicine at the age of 34 while her father helped her financing the studies by working in different side jobs.
  • First, her mother wanted to name her after the French communist Inessa Armand. Her name is the result of transposed letters.
  • Initially, she wanted to write a book with short stories but ended up only blogging her short texts. When she noticed that people liked her jokes, she started presenting them as a stand-up comedian on small stages.
  • Studied a few semesters law, but then changed to literature studies. She studied in Frankfurt (Main), the city where she grew up.
  • Visited Iran for the first time at the age of 21.
  • Became famous in Germany in 2013 through her stand up comedy appearances in shows like TV total or StandUpMigranten. In 2016, she had her own show called Studio Amani which was rather negatively received by the audience. She received the German Comedy Award as best newcomer in 2015.
  • Her first sketches revolved around her nose job, which is according to her quite a normal procedure among Iranian women. Enissa Amani once stated that she hates getting underestimated just because of her girly look. According to her, German women are amongst the most beautiful in the world but don’t dress up as women in many other countries or like to wear a lot of makeup. That’s – according to an interview with the Express – the main reason why she is considered being a squeeze rather than being intellectual. People are surprised that she can also handle debates about political topics or famous writers and philosophers.
  • Took part in the German version of Dancing with the Stars in 2015 where she made it to the fourth place.
  • In 2018, Netflix released a comedy special with Anissa Amani. The first one with a woman from Germany.
Featured image (cropped): Enissa Amani in Hart aber fair (German talkshow) – © Raimond Spekking Wikimedia – CC BY-SA 4.0
May 4, 2018
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