Ernst Gräfenberg: The Discoverer of the G spot

ernst gräfenberg g spot facts.

What is a G spot? | The “G-Punkt”

German physician Ernst Gräfenberg is one of the most famous persons worldwide – still, not many people know his (full) name, but at least what he discovered (or like many people say “invented“): The G spot. Together with Robert Latou Dickinson, the Jewish gynecologist Gräfenberg published an article in August 1944 in the American Western Journal of Surgery, Obstetrics, and Gynecology which is today considered as the origination of the “idea of the G spot“.

Who discovered the G-spot?

Born in born in 1881 in Adelebsen in Germany, Ernst Gräfenberg studied medicine in Göttingen. In 1905, he switched from an eye clinic to the University women’s clinic in Kiel (in the north of Germany) where he continued his education under Richard Wert, who brought it into history books by developing a surgical suture. Five years later, Gräfenberg moved to Berlin and first practiced in the district Schöneberg until he, later on, moved to the famous shopping district Kurfürstendamm. Here, his career was on peak. Gräfenberg treated women of diplomats, business people and famous actresses from theatre and opera.

The First Intrauterine Device (known today as Coil)

When a course about birth control was taking place in 1928, Gräfenberg introduced an intrauterine device made out of silver filaments which was later on named after him (“Gräfenberg’s ring“). Soon, Gräfenberg was invited to many international congresses about birth control and sex reform movement.

Due to his Jewish background and even though he was considered as a “celebrity“ doctor, Gräfenberg was sentenced to three years of forced labor and a financial penalty of 199.000 Reichsmark (former German currency) in 1938. With the help of US initiator of the birth control movement, Margaret Sanger, he was released in 1940 after all his assets were sold. Ernst Gräfenberg finally moved to the US, where he worked as a pathologist in Chicago. After finishing the medical board exam in 1941 at the age of 60, Gräfenberg settled down in New York as a gynecologist. He died in 1957.

G spot Facts

Ernst Gräfenberg is now widely known because of his discovery of the Grafenberg spot. In 1950, he mentioned in the International Journal of Sexology that many examiners wrongly believe, that women can’t feel sexual pleasure because they don’t possess any nerves in the vaginal area. His article though should prove, that especially the front vaginal wall is the place of a strong erogenous zone. According to Gräfenberg, this spot is located four to five centimeters from the vaginal entrance – far away in the anterior vaginal wall along the urethra. Here, the origin of the so-called female ejaculation can be found.

Five female G spot facts:

  • There are supposed to be women who don’t even own the center of lust.
  • The G spot is located in a different zone for each person, but mostly in the front vaginal wall.
  • The G spot can be palpated – it feels rough.
  • While erected, the gland tissue in the Gräfenberg zone produces a secretion which can be seen as female ejaculation.
  • The best position for stimulating the G spot is the doggy style position.
Featured image (cropped): a_Man  – Emma Nibaru flickr – CC BY-SA 2.0
January 25, 2018
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