Six Dutch TV Presenter Who Brought it to Fame in Germany

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Famous Presenters from the Netherlands

Why are Dutch TV presenters famous in Germany?

The famous German newspaper BILD once wrote that presenters from the Netherlands are somehow lidicrous if they are hosting a German tv show. The sound of a native Dutch speaker talking German plus the transformation of Dutch words into the German language which actually do not exist, seem cute to Germans. Furthermore, Dutch people are said to be more relaxed than German tv presenters. No wonder that some Dutch tv presenters are even more famous in Germany than in the Netherlands.

Find out more about six famous tv presenter from the Neverlands who brought it to fame in Germany

Sylvie Meis

Sylvie Meis was born in 1978 in Breda, Netherlands. After moving to Germany in 2005, the presenter and model literally worked her way up to the top. Sylvie Meis was a judge in Das Supertalent ( = a German talent show), participant and presenter of the German version Dancing with the Stars ( = Let’s Dance in Germany) and she also had her own tv show in which she was looking for a model (Sylvie’s Dessous Models) for her own dessous line.

Sylvie Meis is also a famous advertising figure in Germany (and the Netherlands) who promoted products like dessous (Hunkemöller), Philips AirFloss or Otto. The media personality is also admired by many people for her style, beauty and good appearance.

Her controvers statements like: “I like to date men” or that she is getting bored quite fast “in professional as well as in love life” combined with her many public affairs with different men made her being one of the most desirable women in Germany.

She was married with the former Dutch soccer player Rafael Van der Vaardt until 2013 and has one son, born in 2006.

Linda de Mol

Lind de Mol was born in 1964 in Hilversum, Netherlands. The actress and tv presenter came to great success in Germany through the tv show Traumhochzeit ( = Dream wedding), which she hosted between 1992 and 2000 on the channel RTL.

Even though she already had her most successful days in Germany, Linda de Mol is still a big star in the Netherlands. Here, she is also working as an actress and is considered as the Oprah Winfrey of her motherland.

Her brother Jon de Mol is the founder of the production company Endemol. The company is the second biggest tv producer in the world (2015). He also created the worldwide famous tv format Big Brother.

Harry Wijnvoord

Harry Wjinvoord was born in 1949 in Den Haag, Netherlands. His family moved to Germany when he was a teenager. The dutch presenter came to great success in Germany in 1989 when he started hosting the show Der Preis is heiß ( = German adaptation of the US tv show The price is right) on the channel RTL. After 1997, when he left the show, he continued his work as a presenter and also became an advertising figure for products like Slim-Fast or

In 2004, he took part at the German version of I’m a Celebrity…Get me out of Here!

Marijke Amado

Marijke Amado was born in 1954 in Tilburg, Netherlands. Same as most other Dutch presenters in Germany, Marijke Amado had her own tv show on RTL, which almost guaranteed the channel good ratings. The former singer became very successful with the Mini Playback Show, which she hosted between 1990 and 1998.

Amado has tried many different things. Next to singing, acting and being a tv presenter she also took part in many shows such as the German version of Dancing with the Stars or Big Brother. Furthermore, she started her own flower dispatch in 2015, wrote an autobiography and has her own foundation.

Rudi Carrell

Rudi Carrell was born in 1934 in Alkmaar, Netherlands. As the son of the entertainer André Carrell, Rudi Carrell became familiar with the life in showbiz at an early age.

First, he started as a singer and tv presenter in the Netherlands, where he hosted the very popular Rudi Carrell Show, starting in 1961. Four years later, the show also got aired on German television.

Due to his Dutch accent, Rudi Carrell was also a very popular lead actor in German comedy movies.

In 1987, Rudi Carrell cracked a joke during Rudi’s Tagesschau ( = Rudis newsreel) which caused a diplomatic crisis between Germany and Iran (also check out our facts about Jan Böhmermann). He showed Ayatollah Khomeini and his folk throwing sexy underwear on him. The incident resulted in the closure of the Goethe-Institute in Tehran, the expulsion of German diplomats and the cancellation of several flights between Germany and Iran. Rudi Carrell subsequently had to publicly apologize for the momentous provocation.

Later on, he also hosted the famous pairing show Herzblatt.

Rudi Carrell died in 2006 in Bremen, Germany.

Lou van Burg

Lou van Burg was born in 1917 in Den Haag, Netherlands. As Onkel Lou ( = Uncle Lou) and Mr Wunnebar in the quiz shows Jede Sekunde einen Schilling as well as Der goldene Schuss, he became one of the most famous showmasters in Germany in the 1960s. Later on he had his comeback with the show So wird’s nie wieder sein.

Lou van Burg was especially famous for his way of greeting the audience. He used to say “Hallo Freunde” ( = Hello friends) and the audience responded with “Hallo Lou” ( = Hello Lou).

He died in 1986 in Munich.

Featured images (cropped): Sylvie van der Vaardt (now Meis) – JCS Wikimedia – CC BY 3.0/ Rudi Carrell – Fernando Pereira / Anefo Wikimedia – CC BY-SA 3.0 NL


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December 24, 2018
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