Five Famous German Muslim Converts

famous germans muslim converts to islam danny blum.

Famous Germans Who Converted to Islam | German Celebrities Who Converted to Islam

Around 5,5 % of the population in Germany believes in the religion of Islam. No official statistic is able to reveal, how many people convert to Islam every year – the act is so simple, that many people even convert in their own living room by saying the profession of faith (Shahada) in front of two male witnesses. The following famous Germans are muslim converts and took a new faith. 

Five Famous German Muslim Converts

Erika (Amina) Theißen

One of the most famous German muslim converts, Amina Theißen, is founder of the Muslim Women’s Meeting Center in Cologne and has been working as a manager and managing director for the institution ever since. The studied teacher converted to Islam in 1987. In 2011, she was awarded with the Federal Cross of Merit. In 2017, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière called the institution a “role model for integration and Muslim welfare care”.

Anna-Maria (Melek) Ferchichi

Anna-Maria Ferchichi, born in 1981, is a German model and younger sister of a very famous German singer called Sarah Connor. During her relationship with soccer player Mesut Ozil, she converted to Islam and took the name Melek.

Since 2012, she is in her third marriage with one of the most famous Germans rapper Bushido (Anis Mohamed Youssef Ferchichi) with whom she has three children including a daughter called Aaliyah Ferchichi. From her first marriage with Thai-German dancer Pravit Anantapongse, she is also having a son, who was born in 2002. Anna-Maria Ferchichis conversion to Islam wasnt followed by a huge media coverage. Newspapers reported in summer 2010, that she converted in a very private ceremony. Before that, her mother already noticed a change in her daugther, when she didnt want to eat pig anymore and became interested in the Quran.

Werner (Ibrahim) Klawun

Until 2009, Werner Klawun was a famous representative of the right wing party NPD in Dresden. When he failed as a NPD candidate in the municipal elections in 2009, he turned away from right-wing extremism and started studying the Quran and Goethe’s work “West-East Diwan”. The former teacher for Russian and German converted to Islam and is currently helping Syrian and Libyan refugees. The famous muslim convert and father of five kids is divorced since 2014 and has ever since been completely committed to his faith.

Danny Blum

Danny Blum, born in 1991, is a German soccer player for the famous club Eintracht Frankfurt. He converted to Islam in summer 2014 when he was searching for orientation in his life. “I used to do a lot of crap and lived only day by day. Senseless. At some point, I thought, it can not be anything: parties, women and alcohol – that does not matter. Until then, I thought, this is life and the excitement behind it.” He sat down at his computer, read about religions on the Internet and was really attached to Islam, as the muslim convert told the newspaper Nordbayern. According to Blum, he wanted to live a more disciplined life. His Christian parents were surprised, but told him that he should do whatever he feels is the right thing for him. 

Kristiane Backer

Kristiane Backer, born in 1965, was one of the most famous tv presenter in Europe during the 1990s. The former famous German MTV host converted to Islam at the age of 29 after an almost three years lasting relationship with Pakistani cricket player Imran Khan. According to her, he was “her teacher”, who introduced Kristiane to Islam. In 2009, the muslim convert published a book called From MTV to Mecca in which she is telling her story of conversion and current life as a Muslima. Nowadays, one of the most famous European muslim converts in the 90s is living in London, working in homeopathy and giving interviews as well as speeches all over the world about her faith and story of conversion.

Featured image (cropped): Danny BlumJarlhelm Wikimedia – CC BY-SA 3.0
May 10, 2017
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