Famous Plus Size Models from Germany

famous plus size models germany

Famous German Plus Size Models

Ashley Graham, Hayley Hasselhoff or Tess Holliday – famous plus size models are not only presenting the new fashion trends but are also representing a new beauty ideal: curvy as the new skinny. Who are some famous German models in the plus size section?

Angelina Kirsch

Angelina Kirsch is one of the most famous plus size models in Germany. Born in 1988, the blonde started modelling in 2012, when someone from the agency PLACE asked her to become a model. “I had a huge sundae in front of me when the head of PLACE models spoke to me. I thought, he would want me as a skinny model, because for me, I would have never changed myself for any job. When he told me later on, that he wants me as a “curvy model”, I was very surprised, because I didn’t know that you can become successful with it.” In late 2016, Angelina Kirsch was a judge in the German tv show Curvy Supermodel.

Fine Bauer

German model Fine Bauer was born in 1989. She wanted to work in this profession since her teenage years, but first wasn’t happy with her physique. At the age of 17, she lost around 40 pounds in only a couple of weeks to fullfill her dream. After getting in touch with a model agent, who liked her current look, she gained some pounds due to the yoyo-effect and had to skipp her plans. After graduating from school, she was trying her luck in another model agency, who finally registered her as a plus size fashion model. “I love my body with all the curves”, so Fine Bauer in an interview with German Elle magazine. Plus size model Fine Bauer is working all over the world and already modelled for clients like Triumph.

Silvana Denker

Silvana Denker is a German plus size model, photographer and initiator of the “Body Love”-tour in Germany. Her drive: “To make clear that it’s damn important not to constantly criticize one’s body”. She started modelling as a plus size model after successfully taking part at a model contest from the brand Ulla Popken in 2010. Her first photoshooting was in Los Angeles. Silvana Denker actually wanted to study medicine, but – according to an interview with curvyfashionelli.com – doesn’t think that her life couldn’t have turned out in a any better way.

Mona Buckenmaier (Mona Engländer)

Mona Buckenmaier started working as hostess to finance her studies when a model agency showed interest in working with her as a plus size model. Her parents Jürgen and Martina Buckemaier are the owners of the successful German label Riani, for which she already modelled on Berlin Fashion Week. “I want to show that everyone can feel good in one’s skin, even if one does not correspond to the ideal”, so the blonde German model.

Featured image: OOTD / July 11 2010 – Dee ♥ flickr – CC BY-ND 2.0

February 7, 2017
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