German Authors: Top Five of Children’s Literature

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German Authors

The following German authors of children’s books make almost every little bookworms heart beat faster. Most of them are so famous, that some of their books got translated into many different languages and also released as a movie.

Cornelia Funke

Cornelia Funke was born in December 10, 1958 and is one of the most famous present German authors, who is also worldwide famous. Her books got translated into 37 different languages and were multiple times filmed. Her most famous work Inkheart (2003), part of a trilogy, got released as a movie in 2008 with US actor Brandon Fraser in the leading role.

Cornelia Funke is a studied pedagogue and book illustrator. Until his death in 2006, Funke was 26 years married with an architect and her personal consultant. Together with their two children, the couple moved from Germany to the USA many years ago.

Famous Cornelia Funke books: Inkheart, Dragon Rider, Inkspell.

Erich Kästner

Erich Kästner was born on February 23, 1899 and was a very famous German author for children’s books, a poet and screenwriter. He was said to have a very close relationship with his mother Ida, a hairdresser, with whom he had an almost daily written correspondance over 30 years.

After serving as a soldier in World War I, he received a scholarship to study phiosophy, history and German philology and finally left the University with a PhD. Later on, he became one of the most important Berlin intellectuals during the time until World War II broke out. The dissident Kästner was often questioned by the Gestapo, but still didn’t want to leave Germany, where he was working under a pen name. Until today, a lot of Kästners books got translated into many different languages and released as films.

Erich Kästner never married, but had a son together with his girlfriend Friedel Siebert. He died in 1974 in Munich.

Famous Erich Kästner books: Emil and the Detectives, The Flying Classroom, Dot and Anton

Michael Ende

Michael Ende was born on November 12, 1929 and was one of the most famous German authors for youth books. At the age of 27, he wrote his first children’s book called Jim Button and Luke the engine Driver. Michael Ende received numerous awards for his work, including the 1961 German Youth Literary Prize for Jim Knopf and Luke, the locomotive driver and the German Youth Literary Prize 1974 for Momo.

After the dead of his first wife, Michael Ende married the Japanese translator Mariko Sato.

He passed away on 28 August 1995 in Filderstadt.

Famous Michael Ende books: Momo, The Neverending Story, Jim Button and Luke the engine Driver

Otfried Preußler

Otfried Preußler was born on October 20, 1923. Preußler was an elementary school teacher and principal. On a secondary level, he was working as a writer. His first book for children was The Little Aquarius, released in 1956. Until today, books like Krabat or The Little Witch are at the top lists of popular children’s books in Germany.

Otfried Preußler died in 2013 at the age of 89.

Famous Otfried Preußler books: Krabat, The Robber Hotzenplotz, The Little Ghost, The Little Witch

Kerstin Gier

Kerstin Gier was born on October 8, 1966 and is the German author of many fantasy novels. The studied pedagogue started writing novels about women in 1995. Her trilogy Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green, which spins around the young Gwendolyn and her friend Gideon, was her first fantasy and youth novel. The last part of the movie literary adaptation got released in 2016.

Kerstin Gier is married and has a son.

Famous Kerstin Gier books: Dream a little Dream, Emerald Green, The Ruby Red Trilogy

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February 20, 2017
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