German Bestselling Author Ferdinand von Schirach: Five Facts

ferdinand von schirach

Ferdinand von Schirach Facts

Ferdinand v. Schirach is a German defense lawyer and worldwide known bestselling author. His books mainly spin about the topics of law and morality. Find out more about Ferdinand von Schirach through the following facts:

  • Ferdinand v. Schirach was born in 1964 in Munich, Germany. He is from an old noble family. Even though he is very popular, his past was not always viewed positively by the German media: his grandfather Baldur von Schirach, born in Berlin in 1907, was a Nazi (i.a. Reich Youth Leader of the NSDAP). Baldur von Schirach was indicted by the International Military Court and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in Nuremberg in 1946 for crimes against humanity. He died in 1974 in Kröv on the Moselle. In an essay with the magazine Spiegel, Ferdinand von Schirach once said that he can’t give any answers regarding his grandfather as he couldn’t ask him any questions. Ferdinand von Schirach keeps his personal life mainly private. It’s not publicly known if he is in a relationship or has children.
  • He studied law in Bonn and later on became a “celebrity” defence lawyer. His clients included former Politburo member Günter Schabowski, former BND spy Norbert Juretzko, the family of the actor Klaus Kinski, industrialists, celebrities and members of the underworld. Due to his huge success with his novels and short stories as well as (according to a 2018 interview with for the reason to reduce attention during any case or a biased opinion of a judge who might not like his books, he is not working as a defence lawyer anymore. 
  • He started working as a professional writer at the age of 45. In 2019, he published a book called Kaffee und Zigaretten ( = Coffee and Cigarettes), a work in which he is also describing personal episodes of his life. For instance, he is describing how he tried to commit suicide at the age of 15 with a shotgun. He was sitting drunk under a tree and put the pistol in his mouth. After one shot, he noticed – due to his drunkness – that the shotgun was not loaded.
  • He likes to smoke cigarettes. For example, when he is giving interviews outside.
  • He is famous for his very calm, thoughtful and polite talking style. 

Ferdinand von Schirach books: Crime and Guilt, The Collini Case, Terror.

Movie adaptations of Ferdinand von Schirach books: Terror – Ihr Urteil ( = Terror – Your judgment) (2016), Der Fall Collini ( = The Collini Case) (2019). 

Featured image (cropped): German lawyer and writer Ferdinand von Schirach – Paulus Ponizak Wikimedia – CC BY-SA 3.0

March 19, 2019
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