Five Famous Politicians of Nazi Germany at a Glance

famous politicians of nazi germany

German Politicians | World War II

Who were the main German politicians during the time of World War II?

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was born in 1889. Between 1933 and 1945, he was the Chancellor or the German Reich and party chairman or the NSDAP ( = National Socialist Party of Germany).

Heinrich Himmler

Heinrich Himmler was born in 1900. Between 1926 and 1930, he was the deputy imperial propaganda officer of the NSDAP and from 1929 on the leader of the SS ( = Schutzstaffel, the army of the German Reich). After the takeover of the NSDAP, Heinrich Himmler also became the inspector of the secret state police (Gestapo) in 1934. In 1944, he was appointed by Hitler as commander of the substitute army and Chief of Army Equipment. Due to his lack of military capabilities, he evaded responsibility by fleeing to an SS hospital. When Hitler found out that Himmler proposed himself as his successor and possible mediator to the Western Allies, he released him from all offices on April 28 1945 and ordered an arrest warrant against him in the bunker of the New Reich Chancellery.

Joseph Göbbels

Joseph Göbbels was born in 1897. After the takeover of the NSDAP in 1933, the Ph.D. of German language became head of the newly established “Reich Ministry for Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda” and therefore the youngest minister in the cabinet. He was responsible for all areas of cultural life as well as the media and was considered an extraordinary speaker.

Albert Speer

Albert Speer was born in 1905. In 1933 after the National Socialists seized power, Speer was commissioned by Joseph Goebbels to rebuild the Ministry of Propaganda. In 1942, Speer became Reich Minister for Armament and Ammunition, Inspector General for Roads and Inspector General for Water and Energy. He was a brilliant organizer and architect. For instance, he developed the general plan for the conversion of Berlin into the “imperial capital Germania”.

Hermann Göring

Hermann Göring was born in 1893. From 1930 on, he was the political adviser of Adolf Hitler and from 1935 on he was the Supreme Commander of the Luftwaffe. The military leader of the Nazi Party NSDAP was one of the most powerful persons during the time of World War II.

Featured image (cropped): Albert Speer – Binder (Photographer) Wikimedia – CC BY-SA 3.0 DE/ Joseph GoebbelsGeorg Pahl (Photographer) Wikimedia – CC BY-SA 3.0 DE/ Adolf Hitler – Unknown Wikimedia – CC BY-SA 3.0 DE


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February 18, 2019
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