German Schlager Music: Top Five Female Performers

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Female German Pop Singers

Who are some of the most famous German singers of schlager music?

Helene Fischer

Helene Fischer was born in 1984 and is of Russian descent. The German schlager music interpreter is considered as one of the most famous and most successful German singers and has sold more than ten million records. Helene Fischer started her career as a schlager musician in 2004, when her mother sent a demo CD to a music manager. The trained musical performer achieved her breakthrough in 2011 with a number 1 album called Für einen Tag. Since then, her success story continued. She is not only a singer, but also a well-received guest in different kind of German tv shows and has a very good image in Germany. Since 2011, Helene Fisher is also having her own tv show called Helene Fischer Show, which is televised every year on Christmas.

Between 2008-2018, she was in a relationship with German schlager singer Florian Silbereisen.

Helene Fischer songs: Atemlos durch die Nacht, Fehlerfrei.

Vanessa Mai

Vanessa Mai was born in 1992 and is of Croatian descent. She started her career as the leadsinger of the German band Wolkenfrei. When her two band members left the music group, Vanessa Mai continued working as a singer under the name Wolkenfrei Vanessa Mei. Since 2016, she changed her stage name into Vanessa Mai. The German schlager musician has a big fanbase and was also part of the jury for Deutschland sucht den Superstar ( = German Idol) and as a contestant in Let’s Dance ( = Dancing with the Stars).

Since 2013, she is in a relationship with Andreas Ferber, stepson of German schlager singer Andrea Berg. Since 2015, the couple is also engaged. In summer 2017, they got married.

Vanessa Mai songs: Ich sterb für Dich, Meilenweit, Wolke 7.

Andrea Berg

Andrea Berg was born in 1966 and is considered as one of the most famous female German schlager music singers, who is active in the genre since more than 25 years. The trained doctor’s assistant released her debut album called Du bist frei in 1992. Eight of her 15 albums made it to No. 1 in the German single charts.

In 2013, she appeared as a guest judge for German Idol. Between 2002 and 2004, she was married with German componist and singer Olaf Henning. Since 2007, Andrea Berg is married with Ulrich Ferber, a sport manager and hotelier. She has one daugther.

Andrea Berg songs: Ich liebe das Leben, Ich werde lächeln wenn Du gehst.


German singer Michelle was born in 1972 and is one of the mot famous German schlager music performer. She started singing in a local band at the age of fourteen. In 2001, she represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest and achieved the eight place. None of her 13 studio albums reached No. 1 in the German charts, but due to her media presence, Michelle is very well-known in Germany. 

Michelle has three daugthers. In 2016 and 2017, she was part of the jury of DSDS ( = German Idol).

Michelle songs: Der letzte Akkord, Nenn es Liebe oder Wahnsinn.

Beatrice Egli

Beatrice Egli was born in 1988 in Switzerland and the winner of the 10th season of DSDS ( = German Idol). The trained hairdresser and actress started her career in Switzerland as part of a duo with Lys Assia. In 2013, she became winner of Deutschland sucht den Superstar ( = German Idol) with 500.000 prize money. Her first single Mein Herz became number 1 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In 2016, Beatrice Egli released her seventh studio album called Kick im Augenblick.

Beatrice Egli songs: Mein Herz, Ohne Worte.

Featured image (cropped): Vanessa Mai – Sven Mandel Wikimedia – CC BY-SA 4.0
June 2, 2017
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