Guillermo Kahlo: Who was Frida Kahlo’s German Dad?

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Where are Frida Kahlo’s parents from?

Frida Kahlo’s mother was of Spanish and Indian descent (a combination which was also called mestiza). Where is Frida Kahlo’s father from? The photographer Carl Wilhelm Kahlo (later Guillermo Kahlo) was born in Pforzheim, Germany. He came from a bourgeois Lutheran family who owned a gingerbread bakery in Frankfurt. Later on, the family started trading in the jewellry business and moved to Pforzheim. Here, Carl Wilhelm was born in 1871 to Jakob Heinrich Kahlo and his wife Henriette Kaufmann.

In 1890 Guillermo Kahlo moved to Mexico where he worked as an accountant in ironmongery and in the jewelry business. Back then, many jewelry manufacturers from Pforzheim had businesses in Mexiko.

He married the daugther of a photographer, Matilde Calderón y González, (Frida Kahlo’s mother) in 1893. At that time, the widower already had two children.

Frida Kahlo was also influenced by her German dad. She often used to pose for his portraits and he used to call her the “smartest of all his daughters” as she resembled him the most. In 1952, she finished her work “Portrait of my Father” – 10 years after his death.

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June 25, 2019
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