Ten Quick Helene Fischer Facts

Helene Fischer german singer facts

Ten Quick Helene Fischer Facts

According to a 2018 Forbes list, German performer Helene Fischer ist the eight richest singer in the world. But not many people outside of Germany know her due to the reason that she is mainly singing in her native language. The famous UK newspaper The Guardian even wrote: Helene Fischer, schlager superstar: the richest singer you’ve never herd of. Here are ten quick Helene Fischer facts:

  • Helene Fischer (as Jelena Petrowna Fischer) was born in Krasnoyarsk, Sibera, Russia. Her grandparents were Black Sea Germans who were deported to Sibera during the time of World War II. Together with her parents, Fischer moved to Germany in 1988 when she was four years old. She has one older sister called Erika. Erika is six years older than Helene and a corporate lawyer.
  • She grew up in rhineland-palatine, a place in Germany, which is famous for it’s wines. Its said that the singer had her first job at the age of 14: she helped with the grape harvest.
  • She is a state-approved musical performer and attended the Stage & Musical School in Frankfurt (Main).
  • She first appeared on German tv in 2005 at the show Hochzeitsfest der Volksmusik. Her ex-boyfriend boyfriend, schlager singer Florian Silbereisen, moderated the show and the two performed a medley together. At her first appearance, she was announced with the name Helen Fisher, before it was changed to Helene Fischer. They split in late 2018 after a 10 1/2 year lasting relationship.
  • She likes the US singer Pink. Her favourite bands are Bon Jovi and Kings of Leon.
  • Her favourite dishes are noodles and plain fare. She also loves dark chocolate with nuts.
  • What is Helene Fischers height? She is only 5 ‘2″.
  • Her favourite animals are horses. According to the singer, “horses are just beautiful animals. They look so elegant and proud, but at the same time there is something peacefully about them.”
  • She swears by ginger. A great beauty tip from her is also to apply a cooling eye gel and to shower extensively in the morning.
  • One of her big unfulfilled dreams? To be a man for one day. “For one day I want to see what it feels like to be a real guy. I’d like to see women through the eyes of a man.”

Some Helene Fischer albums: Von hier bis unendlich (2006), Zaubermond (2008), Farbenspiel (2013), Helene Fischer (2017). 

Featured image (cropped): Schlagersängerin Helene Fischer in der Festhalle Frankfurt – Sven-Sebastian Sajak Wikimedia – CC BY-SA 3.0

November 22, 2018
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