Jan Boehmermann: Ten Facts About the German Satirist

jan Böhmermann facts

Jan Boehmermann Facts

Jan Böhmermann is a very famous German tv presenter and satirist, who became worldwide famous in 2016 in the course of the Böhmermann-affair. In his show Neo Magazin Royale, he wrote a poem about the Turkish president Erdoğan, which he provided with the title Schmähkritik ( = abusive criticism). On April 6, 2016, it became public that the prosecutor’s office in Mainz had opened an investigation against Böhmermann on the grounds of suspicion of insulting organs and representatives of foreign states according. Later on, also the Turkish government called for Böhmermann’s prosecution. Who is Jan Boehmermann?

  • Jan Böhmermann was born on February 23, 1981, in Bremen, Germany. When Böhmermann was born, his mother was only 18 years old. His father was a police officer, who worked his way up from a position at the as a Federal Border Guard to the homicide division. According to Böhmermann, his father gave him clear basic values ​​and strongly influenced him. The wisest advice he had given him was to respect the rights of those with whom you do not agree. He died when Böhmermann was 17 due to blood cancer.
  • Officially, nobody knows how many children he has or whats the name of his girlfriend or wife. Fact is, that he has “several kids”.
  • Worked three years for the Harald Schmidt Show, which can be seen as a copy of the David Letterman Show. “I wrote all his texts”, so Böhmermann in an interview with stern.de
  • He actually wanted to become an actor but decided against it due to uncertain financial prospects. Instead, he studied history, sociology, theater, film and television sciences, but left the University without a degree.
  • With the song “Ich habe Polizei” ( = I have police), which Böhmermann recorded in December 2015 under the pseudonym POL1Z1STENS0HN, he managed to get into position 10 of the German charts.
  • Considers himself a moralist. He is famous for taking a position against groups about which others are too afraid to say something against.
  • Said in an interview with tagesspiegel.de, that he doesn’t like small talk and prefers to be alone. “I am a family freak”, so Böhmermann.
  • Started his career as a newspaper reporter for the Norddeutschen in Bremen where he learned one thing: good journalists stay till the end of the live concerts they write about and that many journalists fail at this hurdle.
  • When he once saw a father beating his son in the Berlin zoo, he filed a complaint at the police.
  • Likes to drink malt beer instead of alcohol.
 Featured image (cropped): Jan Böhmermann RadioEinsFranz Richter FRZ Wikimedia – CC BY-SA 3.0
May 14, 2017
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