Kenzie Dysli and Horse Riding: Passion Meets Performance

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German horse rider Kenzie Dysli’s biography

Kenzie Dysli is a well-known horse rider with Swiss-Egyptian roots. Nevertheless, she is still very famous amongst the horse rider community in Germany and speaks fluent German without any Swiss accent. That’s why we would like to introduce Kenzie Dysli on this website.

Who is Kenzie Dysli?

When writing about Kenzie Dysli we first have to go back to her roots. Her Swiss father Jean Claude Dysli was not only a civil engineer, but also a passionate western horse rider. After finishing his studies in Zurich and pursuing a Ph.D. in California in 1961, he decided to focus on his passion: horses. After learning the traditional American ways of horse riding including rodeo, western horse riding, natural horsemanship, and spending 10 years in the US, Jean Claude Dysli moved back to Europe. He then brought all his knowledge gained during his time in America and introduced western riding in Europe. Kenzie Dyslis’s mother though was from Egypt and studied in Germany. While doing an internship in Switzerland, she met Kenzies father who was giving a course about horse riding at that time. Both moved to the US and married in Las Vegas. The passion for horses led them to buy the Hacienda Buena Suerte in Spain. That is also where Kenzie Dysli grew up. Even before being able to walk, she was sitting in her mother’s lab while she was riding on a horse. At the age of around five, Kenzie finally started horse riding on her own. Her first own horse was called Mr. Bond – a horse, with whom her dad won the Cutting World Championship. Today, her brother Raphael Dysli is running the Hacienda. He is also a western riding trainer. Together with her boyfriend Kevin, Kenzie is living in Germany.

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Born on October 2nd, 1991 in Germany, Kenzie spent her childhood and teenage years on her parent’s Hacienda in Spain. While her dad specialized in Western horse riding, her mom Magda Beyer-Dysli used to ride on Arabic horses. Kenzie though showed interest in the disciplines of Freedom dressage and Spanish riding styles like the Doma Vaquera and riding with the Garrocha. Today, she is especially famous for her Freedom dressage. She is not only a horse trainer and teaching others about horse riding but is also performing at trade fairs as well as a show called CAVALLUNA (the biggest horse show in the whole of Europe). In the 2019/2020 (due to COVID-19 restrictions also 2021) show of CAVALLUNA – Legend of the Desert (Legende der Wüste), Kenzie Dysli was playing the lead role of Princess Samira for which she also learned dancing, trick riding, and acting. The show mainly tours in Germany but also in other European countries like Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands. She was also the horse consultant for CAVALLUNA – World of Fantasy (Welt der Phantasie) in 2018/2019.

Next to being a well-known Freedom dressage horse rider in Germany/ German-speaking countries, Kenzie also worked as a trainer for films and played a body double in the German film series called Ostwind 1, 2,3, and the fifth part (releasing in December 2020). Kenzie also worked for German movies like Bibi & Tina and Wendy.

Kenzie Dysli personifies everything the female horse riding/lovers community is aiming for. She is not only a gem in horse riding but also an acknowledged trainer and consultant as well as social media personality (check out her Instagram here).

More infos about Kenzie Dysli

Kenzie Dysli movies she worked for: Ostwind series (2013 -), Bibi & Tina (2013), Wendy 1 +2 (2017, 2018), Documentary Motiviere dein Pferd – Der Weg zur Freiheitsdressur und Zirzensik ( = Motivate your horse – The path to Freedom dressage and circencic) (2015)

Kenzie Dysli horses: Arquimedes (Lusitano), Sasou (Cremello), Atila (Lusitano)

Kenzie Dysli horse riding: Freedom dressage, Spanish riding style (Doma Vaquera, Garrocha), western horse riding, Working Equitation

Kenzie Dysli books: Kenzie Dysli und die Pferde (2013),

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