Lisa and Lena: 15 Facts About the Tik Tok Twins

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Lisa and Lena Facts | Tik Tok Twins | LisaandLena

Lisa and Lena are famous twin sisters from Germany, who are very successful influencers. Both are running different social media platforms such as Instagram. 

15 LisaAndLena Facts

  • How old are Lisa and Lena?/ What’s Lisa and Lena’s age? The twin sisters LisaAndLena were born on June 17 2002. Both were adopted by their parents when they were 6 months old.
  • Where are Lisa and Lena from? They are living in a town near Stuttgart, a city in the south-west of Germany.
  • LisaAndLena designed clothes for their own brand called Compose until the project got stopped. According to the twins, everything became too much for them.
  • The twins became famous through the musical app, where the two started releasing funny duets. The short videos are still the main part of their regular Instagram posts.
  • They broke a German record when the two gained 100.000 Instagram subscribers in only one month. They created their Instagram account in June 2015 and have reached almost 6 million subscribers (September 2016).
  • LisaAndLena have two siblings: an older brother Tim and an older sister called Tayra.
  • Who is older? Lena is a few minutes older and a little bit taller than Lisa.
  • In early 2017, they modeled for a special sweaters collection from HUGO BOSS.
  • Both like singing, acting and dancing. In late 2017, it became public that the musically twins are going to film their own movie in 2018.
  • They are former members of a hip hop dance group.
  • In April 2019, they officially announced their goodbye from the platform TikTok due to their change of interests. Lisa and Lena announced that in the future, they want to focus on acting.
  • The twins “manager” is Oliver Stefanovic, who was in contact with Lena and Lisa’s mother. He was also puppets master behind the brand Compose.
  • One of their most viewed videos is more or less an illusion. The two girls are standing in front of each other and it seems like one of them is looking into a mirror – until the other one starts moving.
  • LisaAndLena have two cats called Kitty and Mozart.
  • Lena has a small birthmark on her eyebrow.

Lisa and Lena instagram: @lisaandlena

Lisa and Lena snapchat: lisa.maaa & lena.maaa

Lisa and Lena TikTok: lisaandlena

Featured image (cropped): Lisa & Lena9EkieraM1 Wikimedia – CC BY-SA 3.0


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November 24, 2017
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