Mark Benecke: 8 Facts About the Famous Forensic Biologist

mark benecke german criminal forensic biologist

Mark Benecke is a well known forensic biologist from Germany who especially became famous through numerous tv appearances. Here, he talks about his work with the purpose to educate people about criminal cases and forensic biology – always with the focus of facts and figures. His open-mindedness regarding many different topics as well as the talent of explaining complex facts in an easy way has brought him a big fan base. Find out more about the talented biologist as well as a public speaker through the following facts:

  • Mark Benecke was born in 1970 in Rosenheim, Bavaria. Due to the marriage of his mother with his stepfather from Cologne, he moved there at the age of three. Mark doesn’t like to celebrate birthdays. That’s why he is also not responding to any wishes.
  • He studied biology at the Cologne University and wrote his Ph.D. thesis about genetic fingerprints.
  • In the late 90s, he worked for two years in New York City for the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office.
  • He calls his profession a passion and not money but interest the main reason for his work.
  • Mark Benecke likes tattoos and collects new motives all over the world. For instance, he has many signatures tattoed of people he met and likes. For an example of Gunther von Hagens (a famous anatomist who invented the technique of plastination), Comas Shiva Hagen (actress and daughter of rock legend Nina Hagen) or Bela B from a famous German band called Die Ärzte. Until today, he has around 150 tattoos. His first one was a lizard.
  • His ex-wife (in Germany also a well-known criminal psychologist) is Lydia Benecke. Today, Mark Benecke is married to the tattoo artist Ines Fischer. She is also appearing in many of his YouTube videos.
  • He is vegan and also active in informing society about the advantages of a vegan life. When Mark Benecke worked on an experiment with squids in the early 90s, he noticed how smart these animals are – one of the starting points for his present lifestyle as a vegan.
  • He became widely known in Germany in 1998 during the case of a priest called Klaus Geyer who was accused of killing his wife Veronika Geyer-Iwand. Mark Benecke was responsible for the criminological expertise in this case. He examined two ants that were found on Veronika’s shirt as well as on Klaus Geyer’s rubber boots. Based on the reports, Klaus Geyer was convicted of murdering his wife.

Some Mark Benecke books: Mein Leben nach dem Tod – Wie alles begann (2019); Aus der Dunkelkammer des Bösen. Neue Berichte vom bekanntesten Kriminalbiologen der Welt (mit Lydia Benecke) (2011); Kriminalbiologie. Genetische Fingerabdrücke und Insekten auf Leichen, Lübbe, Bergisch Gladbach (2001); Der Traum vom ewigen Leben (1998)

Featured image (cropped): Oberbürgermeisterwahl in Köln 2015 (Mark Benecke)Elke Wetzig Wikimedia – CC BY-SA 4.0

January 27, 2020
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