Top Seven German Youtubers List 2019

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Popular German Youtubers to Learn German

Youtube is the most popular video platform worldwide. The most popular German YouTubers are either running comedy-, beauty- or gaming channels. Find out more about the top German YouTubers in 2019 who produce videos in their mother tongue.

Konstantin Hert (freekickerz)

Youtube channel: freekickerz.

Subscribers: 7,8 Million (June 2019).

More info: The YouTube channel freekickerz was founded in 2010 by Konstantin Hert. It offers soccer-related videos with tips and tricks as well as challenges against professional soccer players like Lewandowski or Müller.

Bianca Claßen (BibisBeautyPalace)

Youtube channel: BibisBeautyPalace

Subscribers: 5,6 million (June 2019).

More info: German YouTuber Bianca Claßen (née Heinicke) was born on February 6, 1993. She opened her youtube channel in 2012 and was first focusing on beauty and fashion videos. Later on, she started making private videos with her then-boyfriend (now husband) Julian Claßen (who is also running a successful youtube channel called Julienco). In October 2018, they became parents of a son.

Julien Zheng Zheng Kho Budorovits (Julien Bam)

Youtube channel: Julien Bam.

Subscribers: 5,4 million (June 2019).

More info: Julien Bam is a web video producer who is focusing on dancing, music and lifestyle videos. The breakdancer also has his own dance school in Cologne called Bamschool.

Erik Range (Gronkh)

Youtube channel: Gronkh.

Subscribers: 4,8 million (June 2019).

More info: German YouTuber Gronkh aka Erik Range is running 10 different youtube channels. On his main channel, he is playing and commenting videogames. Before starting youtube in 2010, the son of a Russian mother and a German father was the owner of some websites, which offered online role plays. Until May 2016, he had the biggest youtube channel in Germany.

Simon Desue

Youtube channel: Simon Desue

Subscribers: 4,3 million (June 2019).

More info: German YouTuber Simon Desue aka Joshua Weißleder was born on August 20, 1991, to a German mother and an Ivory Coastian father. He opened his youtube channel in 2009 and since then reached a huge viewership as well as getting a lot of media attention. In 2013, he was a participant of German Celebrity Big Brother, where he also met his later on girlfriend Natalie Osada. His current girlfriend Enisa Bukvic (a model from Sweden with Bosnian roots) started appearing in his videos in 2016. She is now running her own successful YouTube channel called Enisa Desue.

Dagmara Ochmanczyk (DagiBee)

Youtube channel: Dagi Bee.

Subscribers: 4 million (June 2019).

More info: German YouTuber DagiBee was born on September 21, 1994. Her real name is Dagmar Nicole Ochmanczyk. She first appeared in the videos of her then-boyfriend Lionttv and started her own youtube channel in 2012. The two were in a relationship between 2011 and 2015. Since 2015, she is in a relationship with movie editor Eugen Kazakov. The couple got married in June 2018.

Julian Claßen (Julienco)

Youtube channel: Julienco.

Subscribers: 3,8 million (June 2019).

More info: Julian Claßen is the husband of Bibi Claßen. On his own channel Julienco, he and his wife are mainly doing challenges or comedy videos together. Same as she appears in his videos, he also appears very often in her videos.

Featured image (cropped): Bianca Heinicke – Julesboringlife Wikimedia – CC0 1.0
March 3, 2017
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