Sven Marquardt: 12 Facts About the Berghain Bouncer & Photographer

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Who is the Berghain Bouncer Sven Marquardt?

Sven Marquardt is a Berlin legend, who became famous as the strictest bouncer of the world for the Berghain club. Furthermore, he is worldwide famous for his photography. Find out more about him through the following facts:

  • Sven Marquardt was born on February 3, 1962, in the East German part of Berlin. His mother was a medical assistant and his dad a highway engineer. His parents got divorced when he was in first grade. He grew up in the Berlin district of Pankow and – until today – is still living there.
  • According to his biography Die Nacht ist Leben ( = Night is life), he entered the gay scene in Berlin at the age of 14. At that time he looked older than his age and was allowed to enter bars and pubs.
  • He was a punk during his youth in the former DDR ( = German Democratic Republic between 1949-1990). In 1990 (the year after the fall of the Berlin wall), Sven Marquardt appeared in the first free issue of the magazine Stern for reunited Germany. He was on a photo taken by Jörg Knöfel. Sven Marquardt – dressed as a punk with black, gelled hair – is sitting in the subway next to a police officer.
  • He initially had no passion for photography but then got his first camera from his grandmother. He later on decided to start training in photography as he didn’t want to end up sitting in an office. He learned professional photography at the DDR tv station in Berlin. For his photos, he is not using any flash.
  • He spent some time in a psychiatric clinic not only to get rid of narcotics but also to avoid joining the army (NVA = National People’s Army).
  • DJ Jauche is his younger half brother. He’s from Sven Marquardt’s father’s second marriage.
  • Started working as a bouncer after his brother, DJ Jauche, opened his own club in a former shoe shop in 1995. He also worked as a doorman for the Suicide Club, where he met the later operators of the Berghain club. They asked him to become bouncer for the Snax club series.
  • His famous face tattoos were done by Yvonne from a tattoo studio in Berlin called Blut und Eisen.
  • He experimented with drugs in the past. Nevertheless, in his autobiography, he called old people still being on trips “tragic”.
  • He was not allowed to enter a club in Sydney in late 2018 due – as he later found out – to his face tattoos. He spent six weeks in the Australien city for a photo shooting of beach pictures. Sven Marquardt accepted an invitation by the Goethe Institute.
  • In 2019, he showed pictures of his art exhibition SCHULD ( = guilt) at Wall Street in New York.
  • In 2020 he again presented his work during an exhibition in Friedrichstadt Palast in Berlin showing portraits of the performers taken in late 2019.
Featured image: Sven MarquardtLesekreis Wikimedia – CC0 1.0 (Public Domain)
February 6, 2019
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