Til Schweiger’s Girlfriend History: Everything Media Lets You Know

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Til Schweiger Girlfriends

Til Schweiger is one of the most famous German actors and directors as well as a famous media personality. He is worldwide known for starring in films like King Arthur or Inglourious Basterds. Next to his career, German media also likes to report about his private life as the actor is considered as a good looking hottie who gets many young and beautiful girls. Find out more about Til Schweiger’s girlfriend’s history.

Dana Schweiger

Dana Schweiger (Carlsen) is the mother of his four children Valentin, Luna, Lilli and Emma. They were married between 1995-2014 but already separated in 2005. Dana Schweiger is American and a former model.

Svenja Holtmann

Til Schweiger and 24 years younger model Svenja Holtmann started dating in 2011. The beauty already worked for brands like Raffaelo or sloggi before meeting the actor. They attended many red carpets events together, but broke up in 2013. When Til Schweiger and Svenja Holtmann met on an event in late 2018, they greeted each other like very good friends.

Anne Wilk

Anne Wilk was the Til Schweigers second official girlfriend after the seperation from Svenja Holtmann. The fourteen years younger Anne Wilk is a photographer and dated him for around six months in 2014. Anne Wilk is also the ex girlfriend of German actor Jürgen Vogel.

Marlene Shirley

Marlene Shirley and Til Schweiger dated between late 2015 and late 2016. The directors assistant and him had an age gap of 21 years. They met through their friend, producer Tom Zickler.

Francesca Dutton

Til Schweiger and 22 years younger actress and film producer Francesca Dutton officially dated between end of 2018 and early 2019. They both know each other since 2002 when Schweiger was in Los Angeles for the filmshooting of his movie Keinohrhasen. Before dating Til Schweiger, the LA and London based Francesca Dutton was also in a relationship with US actor Kevin Connolly.

Featured image (cropped): Svenja Holtmann & Til Schweiger – Manfred Werner Wikimedia – CC BY-SA 3.0

February 12, 2019
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