Tim Raue: Seven Facts About the German Top Chef

tim raue facts german chef

Tim Raue Facts

Tim Raue is currently the only German chef whose restaurant is on the famous “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” list (January 2019). With a childhood and youth which were everything but rosy, he really went from dishwasher to millionaire. Find out more about Tim Raue through the following facts:

  • Tim Raue was born on March 31, 1974 in Berlin. According to him, his childhood was a tough time. In an interview with Bild, he revealed that his parents got divorced when he was only three years old. First he grew up at his mothers place and moved to his fathers place in Stuttgart at the age of nine. Back then his dad had a girlfriend, who wanted to have children but instead of raising Tim Raue, she often used to beat him with a hanger. He was never an “easy” teenager so his dad also tried to discipline him with hits and punches. He found support in his grandparents. As a teenager, he was also part of the Berlin gang 36 Boys.
  • He actually wanted to study design but couldnt finish his A-levels. Instead he decided to pursue a career as a chef and started his training at the age of 17 in the restaurant Chalet Suisse in the chique Berlin area Grunewald.
  • His ex-wife, Marie-Anne Raue, is also a chef. The two divorced in 2016 and were together for 22 years. Still, they are running a business together, the restaurant “Tim Raue” in Berlin. According to falstaff, she was the driving force to convince Tim into self-emploment. Since July 2017, he is marrid to Katharina Olschner, head editor of Rolling Pin magazin.
  • Berlins most famous chef released his autobiography called Ich weiß, was Hunger ist ( = I know, what hunger means) in 2011. He is describing his hard childhood and teenage years as well as his rise to one of the most famous German chefs.
  • Next to his famous restaurant Tim Raue in Berlin Kreuzberg, he is also running Sra Bua by Tim Raue, Studio tim raue and La Soupe Populaire in Berlin.
  • He is also a very well-knon tv chef in Germany who appeared in many different shows such as Kitchen Impossible or Deutschlands Meisterkoch ( = Germanys master chef)
  • In course of the Festivals of Colour in December 2018, he prepared dishes on eight evenings in Soneva Fushi on the Maldives for the Chef’s Table. He was the only German chef who took part at the format
    Once Upon a Table.

Featured image: Tim Raue Denmark – City Foodsters flickr –CC BY 2.0

February 3, 2019
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