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Every fifth person in Germany has an immigration background. That’s why many stereotypes are on the daily agenda – just what comedians with an immigration background are waiting for. Their jokes are evil, but still, they are having a huge audience who is laughing about these gags. German comedians with an immigration background were even having their own platform on a national tv program called StandUpMigranten. Every two weeks, four comedians with an immigration background presented gags from their live programs. Who are some top German comedians with an immigration background?

Top German Comedians

Enissa Amani

Comedy woman Enissa Amani was born in 1985 in Iran. The daughter of a literature professor and a physician and former student of law and literature studies, flight attendant and model, started doing stand-up comedy in 2013. In 2016, she got her own comedy show called Studio Amani. One of the most famous female German comedians, Enissa Amani, is especially popular for her sketches about ethnicity and relationships and her outstanding look with long hair, cute style, and her high voice.

Marek Fis

Marek Fis was born in 1984 in Poland. The blonde comedian grew up in Germany and started doing comedy in 2006. Until today, he was part of many German comedy shows like Quatsch Comedy Club or FunClub. White comedian Marek Fis is especially famous for performing gags with a Polish accent, in a red t-shirt and white sweatpants.


German stand up comedian Abdelkarim was born in 1981 in Germany and is the son of Moroccan immigrants. The former student of law had his first public appearance as a comedian in 2007. His program mainly includes his experiences with the German youth culture and life as a Moroccan immigrant.

Dave Davis

Dave Davis was born in 1973 in Germany and is the son of Ugandan immigrants. One of the most famous black male comedians in Germany and trained insurance salesman and university graduate of the subject recording arts is famous for embodying the fictional character Motombo Umbokko, a toilet cleaner at McDonald’s.

Kaya Yanar

Kaya Yanar was born in 1973 in Germany and is the son of Turkish-Arabic parents. The former student of philosophy, phonetics and American studies had his major breakthrough with the show Was guckst du!? ( = Why are you watching) in 2001. One of the most famous comedians in Germany is a vegan and also engaged in an anti-racist program in a school in Germany.

Bülent Ceylan

Bülent Ceylan was born in 1976 in Germany and is the son of a Turkish father and a German mother. The former student of philosophy and political sciences had his first appearance as a comedian in school. One of the funniest comedians in Germany had his big breakthrough already in 2002 with the program Döner for one ( = kebab for one). In his programs, Ceylan takes on typical roles of German Turks and people from Mannheim. The German comedian is especially famous for his Mannheim dialect and his long, black hair. Ceylan is successful with his show Die Bülent Ceylan Show since 2011. 

Featured image (cropped): Bülent Ceylan (1LIVE Krone) © Superbass/ CC-BY-SA-4.0 (via Wikimedia Commons)
August 10, 2017
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