Five Vegan Soccer Players from Germany

timo hildebrand vegan soccer players germany

Are there any vegan soccer players?

Yes! Did you know that the German soccer team predominantly got vegan food during the World Cup in 2014 in Brazil? The following five German soccer players changed their lifestyle towards veganism. 

Timo Hildebrand

Timo Hildebrand was born in 1979 in Worms. The retired German soccer player (goalkeeper) who played for big teams such as VfB Stuttgart or and Schalke 04 is an avowed follower of a vegan way of life since 2015. Even though he considers himself not 100 % vegan as he sometimes likes to eat fish or mozzarella cheese, the former professional soccer players function as a big role model when it comes to top-class sport and a vegan lifestyle/ awareness.

Marco Sailer

Marco Sailer was born in 1985 in Schwäbisch Hall. The striker in the fourth league became vegan through his wife Lara Frank. In 2015, when he just recently changed his lifestyle towards veganism, Marco “Toni” Sailer revealed to that he lost 5 kg and is injury-free since then. 

Daniel Adlung

Daniel Adlung was born in 1987 in Fürth. The midfielder started a vegan lifestyle in late 2014 as mentioned in an interview with According to him, there are countless vegan alternatives to animal products and super vegan restaurants. 

Andreas Luthe

Andreas Luthe was born in 1987 in Velbert. The goalkeeper is living a vegan lifestyle since 2014. Back then he often faced injuries and first deleted milk products from his diet plan. After that, he also quit meat and sausages.

Sarah Freutel

Sarah Freutel was born in 1992 in Essen and is a former German female soccer player. The midfielder started eating vegan to stay fit and keep her power. Significant for her dicision to become vegan was a conversation with a friend who had a lot of allergies and lost her allergies through the vegan diet. 

Featured image (cropped): Timo Hildebrand – TSG-dan Wikimedia –CC BY-SA 3.0

February 14, 2019
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