Wellingta Music: Ten Facts About the German Singer!

wellingta music german singer

Who is the singer Wellingta? Ten Wellingta Facts

Wellingta is a rising German singer from Berlin. We asked Wellingta to tell us something about her background and music. Here are ten interesting Wellingta facts:

singer wellingta music germany

  • Wellingta was born in Berlin and is of Afro German (Angolan)/Brazilian descent. Wellingta – the female version of Wellington – is her real as well as her stage name. The name is of Brazilian origin and means “from the rich man‘s farm”.
  • She grew up in a very musical family. As a teenager, her dad sang in the church choir and her mother used to give dance lessons since her youth.
  • Wellingta has one sibling, a younger brother named Rodney, who plays professional basketball.
  • During her childhood, Wellingta was listening to many genres of music from different parts of the world including reggae, samba, Afro beats and R&B. These music styles inspired her the most and are very influential in her own music today.
  • In 1998 at the age of six, she participated in the Mini Playback Show. She was the youngest participant of that season and won second place. That was one of the cracking points when she really started loving music.
  • At the age of 10, she founded the dancegroup Rapaziada Angolana together with two friends. Her mother functioned as the dance instructor for the trio. Later on, the group consisted of ten members who all danced to traditional Angolan songs as well as hip hop, salsa and Afro beat.
  • In 2007, the group won in the categoy “Best Teen Dancegroup and Choreography” at the famous Berlin Carnival of Cultures (an annual multicultural festival in the district of Kreuzberg in wellingta music singer germanBerlin with theatre performances, food and music events from different parts of the world. Pupose of the festival is to celebrate peace and tolerance).
  • Right before every performance and while the other group members would still change clothes, Wellingta used every minute to go on stage and sing to gain some stage experience.
  • Her musical influences are Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Michael/Janet Jackson and Shakira.
  • Since 2016, Wellingta has been going back and forth from Los Angeles, London, Miami and Berlin. She has been in songwriting camps (L.A./Miami) working with many talented singer/songwriters and producers such as Nikki Williams, Morgan Brown, Jens Gad (Enigma).
Currently she’s working on her own music with London based producers such as Jrocs (EO-German, Kojo Funds),PRGRSHN (Wstrn music, Stefflon Don, Angel) and others.  Stay tuned in 2019 for more music from Wellingta. Also Follow her on Instagram @wellingtamusic
Thanks a lot to Wellingta and her management for providing us with all the informations and pictures. Photos taken by Dhana Sabira.
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December 10, 2018
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